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Cotton Yarn

This product is mainly composed of cotton and chemical fiber, It is used as filling, so that the wire can achieve round and beautiful appearance, and at the same time can increase its breaking force and flexibility, such as meeting UL lifting weight test and swing test.

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Aramid Yarn/Kevlar

Also known as bulletproof wire or Kevlar, is a new high-tech synthetic fiber, with ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and other excellent performance, its strength is 5 ~ 6 times of steel wire, modulus is 2 ~ 3 times of steel wire or glass fiber, toughness is 2 times of steel wire, and the weight is only about 1/5 of steel wire, At 560 degrees, it doesn't break down, it doesn't melt. It has good insulation and anti-aging properties and has a long life cycle. The discovery of aramid is considered to be a very important historical process in the material world.

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Coloured Woven Yarn

It is a finished yarn which is made of polyester chips as raw material, using high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented yarn, continuously or simultaneously stretched by an elastic machine and deformed by a twister.    

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Polyester Yarn(Nylon Wire)

This product is mainly composed of Terylene, used for wire and cable filling to enhance tensile strength, light weight, strong tensile strength, good heat resistance, low water absorption, stable electrical insulation performance, mildew resistance, moth resistance, non-toxic and environmental protection.

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